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EFT $135/50 min session

     EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques™—is an energy based modality that quickly gets to the root of psychological and physical imbalances by literally tapping into the subconscious limiting core belief system that is the source of illness and dissatisfaction.  It is a technique that involves tapping on selected acupuncture points to activate the body’s ability to heal.  It is a self-help method that resets the stress response and returns one to a state of balance and harmony.  It neutralizes distressing emotions, heals painful memories, reduces food and other addictive cravings, reduces stress, increases self-esteem and enhances well-being by releasing limiting beliefs and their associated emotions that keep us living in the past.  It is also useful for enhancing peak performance in one’s personal and professional life.  EFT is a power learning and healing tool that erases old programs and installs new ones like cleaning the hard drive and installing new programs.  It is effective for treating habitual patters of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that disrupt one’s peace of mind.

     Learn more about Anita Bains here.

*Please note:  Anita does not accept insurance co-pays.  However, a bill will be provided which you can submit to your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits.

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